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Sergeant York of WW 2

What a single soldier can accomplish. “Sergeant York” of WW 2 was a 101st AB paratrooper. The low swampy ground west of Utah beach had been created by the Germans blocking rainfall drainage ditches over the four years of occupation. Only four slightly elevated roads crossed the swamp land thus creating a mobility impedance to […]

A Normandy Tour

As Americans and Canadians we, in North America, view Normandy in terms of the past hundred years when World War 2 demanded our attention for six long hostile years. A Normandy Tour must also encompass our past history to 1066 when “William the bastard” left his fortified castles in Falaise and Caen to depart the […]


An atrocity unfolds. War brings out heroics, love for one another and infinite barbaric cruelty and atrocities. The German hierarchy searched for brutal personalities, dressed them in black uniforms, given a name easily abbreviated to SS and a symbol of a skull as a badge of impending death. Even now so many years after their obliteration the […]


www.NormandyBattlefields.com/Virtual Tour (click on #10 to enlarge the 1944 aerial photo, points marked) The “T” junction highway corner had to be taken by the American paratroopers and held for expansion of the beachhead.  The German viewpoint was to  keep the corner open as their possible escape route.  Dead Man’s Corner was a focal point for […]


                                                                                                  PEGASUS BRIDGE The first British soldier […]

OMAHA Beach, D-Day 0630 hrs

Easy Red-Fox Green Sectors The long awaited invasion begins. Thirty two dual drive (DDs, propellers/tracks) heavily modified amphibious Sherman tanks of the 741st Tank Battalion (B & C Companies) were launched from tank carrying landing craft several miles off the Omaha beach objective. These tanks were in support of the 16th Infantry Regimental Combat team […]