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Oct 27th Today in History

1) 1539 Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto arrives on site of modern Tallahasee 2) 1954 Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio divorce. He.allegedly hit her after seeing the “blowing skirt” picture. “Too exposed !!” 3) 1940 Following the fall of France General Charles de Gaulle forms a New French government in exile at his HQ in […]

October 23rd Today in History

October 23rd Today in History: 1) 1836 American Alonzo Phillips is awarded a patent for inventing safety matches. 2) 1929 “Black Thursday” on Wall Street as share selling turns into a panic. 3) 1939 the first nylon stockings, to replace silk, go on sale in the US 4) 1944 after reaching the German city of […]